Monday, November 7, 2011

Safari #41: Pretty Little Delicious Things

As we've discussed before, Bostonians love beer, and this one continues enjoy a brew or two every now and then (ahem).  I recently attended an event that featured a local brewery and an organization of women who love craft beer.  Did you just say to yourself, "Wow, ladies who love craft beer?"  I thought so. Read on (and gentlemen, take note).

Massachusetts Girls Pint Out (GPO) is an organization dedicated to exploring the amazing craft brew scene in the greater Boston area.  They (Rebecca, Kristen, and Julie) organize events including brewery tours, private tastings, and social gatherings all in the spirit of enjoying good beer, supporting local brewers, and making new friends.

It was a pleasure to meet the founders of Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project (Somerville, MA), Dann and Martha, at Scholar's a few weeks ago.  Although I wasn't able to stay for the entire event, I did get to sample the infamous Jack D'Or, St. Botolph's Town (dark brown ale), and Baby Tree (an abbey-style quadruple).  For the record, Baby Tree is the BEST beer I've tasted in a long time.  If you see it on tap (or any of the Pretty Things beers), try it.


  • If you're a lady and a craft beer lover, visit the GPO website or follow them on Twitter to learn more about upcoming events.  There is one planned for December 13th at the Harpoon Brewery.  
  • If you're a guy who likes girls who drink craft beer, you might want to see where the ladies are headed next.  Just sayin.

p.s. Are you a craft brew lover?  What have you tried recently, and where did you try it?  Share in the comments!

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