Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Safari #40: Honk Fest

Activism has a sound and a rhythm all its own.  Instead of words, others choose music.

'Honkers,' members of acoustic, mobile street bands, use their instruments and their collective spirit to rally the masses and bring people back to the streets.  This fusion of creativity, openness, participation, and community building takes place every year in Somerville at the Honk Festival.

Upon exiting the Davis Square T station, music could be heard and felt from every direction.  Collective singing and drums brought us to Davis Square Plaza where AfroBrazil, a 12-piece percussion ensemble, gave a thrilling, participatory performance.  With hands in the air and whistles blowing, AfroBrazil made it impossible for the crowd to remain still.

Next, we headed to Statue Park for EE -Environmental Encroachment and What Cheer? Brigade.  The rhythms, improvisation, and diversity of performers and instruments all working together to create amazing sounds left my ears wishing for more.

Safari travelers - there are no spectators Honk.  Release yourself and let the experience be all your own.

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