Monday, April 1, 2013

Safari #74: NYC's HighLine

A vision can be nothing short of a dream, especially when it involves the seemingly impossible.

To envision an abandoned elevated rail as a pedestrian walkway, full of greenery, art, modern architectural highlights, and gathering space is quite visionary indeed. The New York City HighLine, spanning nearly 1.5 miles from Gansevoort Street to W 30th, is the vision of Friends of the HighLine, a neighborhood organization dedicated to reclaiming the once abandoned railway.

Today, the vision is a reality, and the park (opened in two phases both in 2009 and 2011) is begging you to visit.  With temperatures hovering in the mid-60's this past weekend with full sun, walking the HighLine for the first time was an absolute pleasure. The HighLine reminded me of converted spaces in Boston - like the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

The next time you visit NYC from Boston, add a stroll down the HighLine to your list of to do's. In fact, I'd say it's a must do every time.

My tips:
  • Grab a Map. There are 9 entrances to the HighLine starting at Gansevoort Street to W. 30th Street. Bathrooms are available at W. 16th Street.
  • Take a Tour.  Free tours take place every Tuesday at 6:30pm. Be sure to sign up in advance to guarantee a spot as these are in high-demand during the warmer months. If you can't make a free tour, pay $15 to take a scheduled tour.
  • Chill Like a New Yorker. Pick up lunch, grab a friend, and enjoy your meal on the HighLine - there are plenty of benches, theater style sitting areas (where you can watch the crowds down below), and green space.
Many thanks to Jen for taking a stroll with me!