Monday, May 5, 2014

Safari #88: Boston Urban Adventure Quest

I run around Boston daily - but it's not every day that I get to do it with a team on a quest.

This past Saturday, a group of friends and I played Urban Adventure Quest, a quiz-based game that will take you around the city of your choice to answer trivia questions and solve puzzles.  Using your smart phone, you can use the web interface to answer questions and move through the tour.  The challenges brought us to different sites across town, each emphasizing pieces of Boston's history and culture.  Even though I've been living in Boston for 7 years now, I still learned a great deal. 

At a certain point, we began to wonder if anyone else was playing, and then we saw 3 other teams making their way around town as well.  It was awesome to feel the excitement of racing to the finish. 

Many thanks to Anshul, Jen, Supreet, and Jeff for a great afternoon!

My Tips
  • Friends or Family Coming to Visit?  This is the PERFECT way to take out of town guests around major Boston sites in a completely different way.  The next time my brother comes to town, we are doing this!
  • Wear Comfortable Shoes.  The tour roughly involves 2 to 2.5 miles of walking.  Be prepared!  Depending on the weather, you may wish to bring a backpack with water and other refreshments.
  • Rules.  Teams can range from 2 to 5 players.  Visit the Urban Adventure Quest website for more information on how to join a tour.
  • Need a Bathroom Break?  One of sites on the tour is Faneuil Hall.  Don't forget, bathrooms are located towards the center of the building, so take a break if you need one!

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