Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Safari #67: Films at the Gate

Fellow travelers, I recently did one of the most interesting things of all time.  In fact, I might just say ever.

Every summer in Chinatown near the paifang (or gate), Films at the Gate  takes place - kung fu films are displayed outdoors inviting residents and visitors to enjoy an evening of movies, local take out food, and cultural performances.

The Asian Community Development Corporation (ACDC), along with sponsorship from local companies and universities, has been providing cultural programming including Films at the Gate for a number of years.  This event is a great way to partake in the thriving community that is Chinatown.

At one point, I took my attention away from the film and decided to people watch instead.  Hands down, it was truly the most diverse crowd I've ever seen here in Boston.

We were all there to enjoy something special together, and I think that was the point.

My Tips:

  • Getting There.  Of course, take the T.  Parking is limited in Chinatown.  If you insist on driving, you can park at South Station.
  • Arrive Early.  Films start at 8pm, however, cultural programming begins at 6.  On the night of my visit, local kung fu schools showcased some of their most talented students and included a Lion Dance performance.
  • Seating.  Chairs are provided however, they are available on a first come first served basis.  If you do not plan on arriving early enough to grab a seat (before 7:30), you might want to consider bringing your own.
  • Food.  Another great reason to arrive early, in addition to selecting seats, is to purchase take out from a local restaurant.  

Special thanks for Anulfo, Jen, Jane, and Emily (who made it up all the way from Connecticut!) for a wonderful evening.

Photo Credit: Lion Dance photo kindly borrowed from Anulfo G. Baez.