Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Safari #43: Pie in the Sky with Community Servings

With the holiday season fast approaching, many are turning their eyes and thoughts outward and thinking more about giving back, volunteering, and participating in their communities.  Similar to my trip to the Greater Boston Food Bank last year, I'm hoping that this post gives you ideas for giving back this holiday season and well into the new year.

I recently volunteered for Community Servings, an organization that prepares and delivers meals to the critically ill.  Every Thanksgiving, they host an event called Pie in the Sky, where local bakeries and pie sellers come together to sell freshly baked pies.  Each pie costs $25 and will feed one critically ill person for a week.  This year, I worked at the Box Party, where I helped to label and bundle pie boxes for delivery to local bakeries and restaurants.  It was a great experience, and I can't encourage you enough to participate in any way you can!

If you're interested in purchasing a pie for your Thanksgiving table next week, visit and make your purchase before the 19th! (less than three days away!)

Other Ideas for Giving Back:

  • New England Center for Homeless Veterans - Located near Government Center, this shelter prepares daily meals for homeless veterans.  Visit the website to learn more about registering and signing up to serve food.
  • Do You Like to Run?  Volunteer with Back on My Feet and help homeless people regain confidence and self-esteem.  If you're already going out for a run, why not do it with others?  Visit their website to learn more.
  • Are you a Hair Stylist, Yogi or Techie?  Volunteer at the Boston Living Center and provide support to the HIV/AIDS community.  Volunteers can serve meals, but the center also welcomes those who can also provide additional services like hair styling and meditation.  Have an idea for a service?  Tell them about it!  
  • Don't Know Where to Start?  Visit the Boston Cares website to search for volunteer opportunities in the greater Boston area.

Last but not least, always remember that two helping hands and a few hours will resonate with any organization you wish to volunteer for.  If you can't offer your hands, try making a donation to one of the many community-based charities in the greater Boston area.

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