Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Safari #1: Aquitaine Bistro and the South End

If you've recently moved to Boston, you may still be reeling from sticker shock. Breathe easy though - there are plenty of deals to be had in some of the nicest neighborhoods in town.

The South End, known for its gorgeous brownstone buildings and cobblestone streets, is one of Boston's trendiest neighborhoods. Independent boutiques, artists lofts, and top notch restaurants abound. An urban safari to this neighborhood promises many adventures and beautiful sights.

For your first safari, plan brunch at Aquitaine Bistro on Columbus Avenue. On Saturdays (all day) and Sundays (10am to 11am), you can eat brunch for $9.99 - that's right, $9.99. On top of the great deal, Aquitaine is beautiful - as in I feel like I'm in Paris beautiful. This French-inspired bistro will make you rethink how you decorated your apartment.

The next sunny weekend in Boston, put your fabulous on (aka stylish sunglasses) and head to Aquitaine. If you're feeling stuffed after the meal, pick one of the many nearby streets and just take a stroll.

So, What Exactly is an Urban Safari?

After living in Boston for nearly 3 years, I've begun to use the term "urban safari" to describe how I spend my free time.

So what is it you ask?

An urban safari is a trip into the urban oasis - in this case Boston. It can be spontaneous or planned. The idea is to have fun, create your own adventure, and uncover unknown gems in the urban landscape.

I'll use this blog to share ideas for having urban safaris of your own along with tips and tricks for enjoying Boston. Where possible, I'll also try to inject some style tips considering that the weather here can potentially cramp your style.