Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Safari #84: Fort Independence on Castle Island

On Columbus Day weekend, my boyfriend made the excellent suggestion of heading to Castle Island in Southie for a stroll.  When we arrived, we found ourselves drawn to Fort Independence, and before we knew it, were signed up to join a tour.  Little did we know that it was the last tour of the season.  Lucky us!

Fort Independence is the oldest continually fortified site in North America, and today, visitors can take a free guided tour to learn more about its military history during the Revolutionary war as well as World War II.  Our tour guide, Dan Burns, was friendly, informative, and did a wonderful job of incorporating the children on tour into his presentation. 

I think they had just as much fun as we did.

My tips:

  • Follow the rules.  The only way into the fort is via a guided tour, and visitors are asked to remain with the tour group at all times.
  • Bring Your Camera. If the day is sunny, you'll love the views of the Boston Harbor islands as well as the skyline.  Don't forget your zoom lens! 
  • Make a donation.  The Castle Island Association is entirely volunteer based and is able to operate tours thanks to donations from the community.  Be sure to make a donation to keep this great programming running.
  • Visit on Halloween.  Fort Independence hosts a one of a kind Halloween spectacular every year.  Members of the local community decorate the halls as well as pass out candy.
  • Eat at Sullivan's. It's a Southie landmark, so get a quick snack served with Bahwstin style. 
**First kindly borrowed from http://www.bostonharborwalk.com/placestogo/location.php?nid=6&sid=44. Second image courtesy of Anshul Jain.