Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Safari #92: Back Bay's Ayer Mansion

Happy New Year fellow travelers!  I know, it 's been awhile.  What's my excuse?  Well, I got engaged and am now planning my wedding.  More about that some other time ;)

I haven't forgotten about you, so here's a new great spot to check out the next time you're up for an adventure - Ayer Mansion in Boston's Back Bay Neighborhood.

If you enjoy early Tiffany works, then the Ayer Mansion is an absolute must see.  Located at 395 Commonwealth Avenue, it's one of the few remaining homes that Tiffany designed, so it's a rare treat to be able to visit.  You will easily be able to appreciate works of stained glass as well as mosaics.  Be sure to spend time in the foyer to view the stairway, stair risers, and spectacular light fixtures.

My tips:

  • Make reservations ASAP.  Tours are limited and are only available two times per month.  A $10 donation is recommended at the time of your visit.
  • Take the T.  The house is almost equidistant between Kenmore and Hynes.  Metered parking is available but limited.
  • Be sure to view the exterior of the home.  You can see Tiffany stained glass from the outside as well.