Monday, March 28, 2011

Safari #25: Mixing It Up with the Boston Shaker

How many times have you had a great cocktail at a bar and wished you could make the same thing?  Enter the sentiments of Adam Lantheaume, owner of The Boston Shaker, who simply wanted to explore his passion for creating amazing cocktails - at home.   Knowing how difficult it can be for everyday consumers to purchase bar quality supplies and ingredients, Adam saw the opportunity for a new boutique store.

Located at 69 Holland Street in Davis Square, The Boston Shaker offers an amazing selection of bar supplies, measuring utensils, stirrers, and the like.  You'll also find a hard to beat assortment of bitters, syrups, and other cocktail accoutrement.

My travels last week brought me to the Shaker's doorstep to attend a Brugal rum tasting (that's Dominican rum for those of you not in the know).  The Shaker offers similar events either in the store or in other spots around town.  The event also featured cupcakes from local Somerville great Kickass Cupcakes (you're missing out if you haven't tasted them before).

  • Take Classes - Do you want to know more about bitters?  I do.  Visit the website to view upcoming class schedules.  
  • Strike up a Conversation.  Adam is knowledgeable and friendly.  Strike up a conversation with him, ask questions and get informed answers. 
  • Follow The Shaker on Twitter.  Learn more about special events and other great goings on.
*The Boston Shaker logo graciously borrowed from the website.