Thursday, November 17, 2011

Safari #44: Concerts at the New England Conservatory

In the four years that I have been living here, one of the biggest items on my Boston bucket list has been attending a performance at the New England Conservatory's Jordan Hall.  The free, open performances highlight NEC's talented students and faculty and allow the public to gain an appreciation for classical music in all of its forms.

I've seen numerous performances of classical music, but I've never been able to watch the musicians as closely as I could at Jordan Hall.  The vibrating, pulsating music together with the postures and expressions of the musicians made for an exciting and passionate performance.  To watch so closely made me feel like more than just a spectator.

For a moment, I felt as if I was in communion with the sound.  It was exhilarating.

  • If you're looking to enjoy more classical music or simply to become more aquatinted with it, let NEC be your guide.  All you need to do is lend them your ear.  
  • The performance I attended, The Aura of Mahler, was part of a series of performances for Mahler Unleashed, which began in September.  For more details, visit the NEC's website.  You can also follow NEC on Twitter to learn more about upcoming events.
  • Curious about other bucket list ideas?  Check out the Evolving Critic's blog.
*Special thanks to the Evolving Critic for recommending this trip and doing it with me.  You are a great partner in crime, my dear sir.


  1. Aww thanks! Yes, I loved this concert and we should definitely go back and check out some more since they are free (most) and open to the general public! I want to check out the Berklee College Bluegrass Festival next summer too!

  2. Christy, we're so pleased that you were able to cross this item off your bucket list! Can't wait to see what other NEC concerts strike your safari fancy, we've got plenty to choose from. Unfortunately, the Mahler festival is actually in its final leg (it started in September), the last concert will be December 7th, but we've still got four more concerts to go.
    Take care, and thanks again for coming!
    Nell B. for NEC

  3. Hi Nell! Thank you for your comments - and correction, which has been made above. I love all things Mozart and Bach - so I look forward to visiting again soon to hear more. My ear is also open to other composers as well, so I'll definitely keep checking the schedule! Thanks again!