Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Safari #58: Wine Bingo

Bingo is now more than random numbers on ping pong balls.  Rather than just using your ears, you can now use sight, smell, and taste to determine whether your wine is up.

That's right folks, it's called Wine Bingo, and I had the pleasure to try it - along with at least 20 different wines - a few weeks ago with 90+ Cellars, a Brookline based wine reseller.

Held at the Boston Wine School on Commonwealth Avenue in Allston, the event was well organized and fueled with plenty to eat and drink.  After a short tasting lesson from 90+ Cellars co-founder Brett Vankoski, our game began.  Samples of wine were poured for tasting and analysis.  Using your knowledge and senses to determine the type of wine, you could then place a marker on your card.  The process was fun, educational, and challenging.

This lucky player (every so graciously) won her own bottle.

Interested in attending?  Be sure to watch the 90+ Cellars website or follow them on Twitter.

**Special thanks to Jen for making the suggestion and inviting me!


  1. It was so fun and made me want to look into taking a class at the wine school!

  2. Wine bingo?!?!?! I'm sold - thanks for sharing this tip, I will definitely be on the lookout for their next event!

    1. Hey Booze! Thanks for reading, and you're welcome :)