Monday, May 14, 2012

Safari #55: Waltham Steampunk Festival

Very few of us remember what it's like to live in our imaginations.  Even fewer are willing to live those dreams out loud. 

For steampunks, those who embrace the Victorian era (fashion, science, exploration, literature) and a blend of 19th century and modern technology, this dream was brought to life in Waltham over Mother's Day weekend at the third annual Watch City Festival.

With vendor shops dotted along Moody Street and all the way to the Common, the world became a different place - with steam driven menageries, iron workers, jewelers, steampunk fashion designers, and every costumed individual in between.

The crowd was impeccably dressed in their finest steampunk-inspired garb - corsets, feathers, fascinators, aviator jackets, stirrups, gas masks, and goggles.

Everyone was different, and it was fantastic to witness.

My Tips:
  • Purchase a Festival Pass.  Many of the vendors and outdoor exhibits are free, but there are additional festivities only open to those wearing a pass.  All purchases help support the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation.
  • Dress up? Well, why not? There's no better way to participate than to dress up yourself.  Even the smallest accessory (like a top hat) is enough.  And if you think you're too old to participate, guess again.  This festival is for anyone with an imagination.
  • Vendors - if this is your first time hearing about or seeing anything related to steampunk, don't miss the vendor exhibits to learn more about it. 
**Special thanks to Jen, Lisa, and Cristina for being my partners in crime.  It was a wonderful day!

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