Monday, May 7, 2012

Safari #54: Somerville Open Studios

Neon arrows gingerly direct. Telephone poles and stoops tether orange balloons. A stake in the ground opens a door.

I walked through many open doors this past weekend at the Somerville Open Studios. If you're not too familiar with Somerville, the open studios are like a welcome mat - both to the city (still a fairly new safari spot for this traveler) and to the many artists who live and work within its boundaries. There is no better introduction to Somerville than to plan a trip to the studios.

To some, studio events imply making a purchase. While it's true that many artists are hoping to sell their work, the open studios are an opportunity - both for you and the artist.

The feelings and conversations that art can evoke are priceless.

If you decide to attend the Open Studios next year, here are some tips to help plan your day:
  • Visit the Website. The site is more than just a little comprehensive - it has everything you will need for your visit. Even though the event has passed, you can still get information about the artists.
  • Start on one End and Finish on the Other. We started our art crawl in Union Square and headed towards Davis Square over the course of the day. It was the perfect way to stop into individual homes and collectives. Pick spots for beverages and food along the way, and you've got a whole day planned.
  • Don't Feel Like Walking? Take the Trolley. That's right folks - those of you who are less inclined to walk can always use the free trolley service. If you're more like me, you'll definitely enjoy walking around the neighborhoods. As a matter of fact, I stumbled onto Prospect Hill Park for the first time, and I loved it! Check out the fort and the view of Boston from the top.

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