Sunday, November 11, 2012

Safari #68: Boston's Skinny House

The Skinny House
It's been a while since my last post, but even with the change in the weather, I haven't lost my Boston wanderlust.

Today's safari took me to a little known Boston landmark called the Skinny House - and skinny it is. The house is located at 44 Hull Street directly across from the Copp's Hill Burial Ground. It was my first time at both of these locations, and with the mild temperatures and gentle sunshine, it was the perfect afternoon for exploring.

I love pretending to be a tourist.

My Tips:

  • Be Respectful. If you're up for a visit, remember that the home is occupied. I made sure to enjoy my view from across the street so as not to disturb the residents.
  • Take a Walk. While I had heard of the Copp's Hill Burial Ground many times, today was the first time I've seen it. Take  note at the detail in the headstones.
  • Mangia, Mangia! Since you're in the North End, you may as well stay for a meal.  By the way, if you turn left out of the burial ground and walk back down Hull Street, the Old North Church is right there too.

Copp's Hill Burial Ground


  1. I'm assuming this is a Spite House.

    1. Hey - thanks for sharing this! I had no idea myself.

  2. I had no idea this existed! I am going to try to visit it one of these days. Such a fun fact!

    1. Hey Alisa,

      Thanks for the comment - and yes you should definitely check it out. I was floored at how small it was.