Sunday, February 19, 2012

In Search of Potica

I'm an Ohio-bred, Boston transplant who's been living in the area for nearly four years.  Periodically, I make trips home to visit my family.  Every trip is good, but this one was extra special.  Why?  Because of something called Potica.

Pronounced 'po-teetz-sa', it's a Slovenian nut roll.   Layer after layer of pastry dough is brushed with butter and spread with a nutty mixture.  It's then rolled up and baked till golden brown.  It's delicious, and a treat that always reminds my mother of her childhood.

My mother, who is of Slovenian decent, wanted to take a trip to far east side of Cleveland to visit an old Slovenian neighborhood to buy sausages and of course, potica.  Our trip eventually led us to Joe Zuzak - owner of R & D Sausage.  Joe welcomed us with open arms and couldn't have been happier to provide my mother with her favorite treat.

Sometimes it's the reminders of home and childhood that bring us comfort when times are difficult.  My mother, who is now in remission from a 2 year battle with cancer, was thrilled to be able to leave the house and head out in search of potica.  And I was happy to be with her.

What foods remind you of home or your cultural heritage?

*Special thanks to Joe Zuzak, owner of R & D Sausage located on 15714 Waterloo Road in Cleveland, Ohio.  For hours and other information, call (216) 692-1832.

*Image kindly borrowed from 30 Days of Decadence


  1. But I want them HERE!

    Try Wojtila's in Euclid.

    1. Hello Anonymous!

      I tried to visit Wojtila's in Euclid, but they were closed when my mom and I arrived.

      For my next trip home, I plan to take her to try again.

      Thanks for reading!