Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Safari #48: A Wee Bit of Scotland

In Boston, anything Scottish is hard to find. Until now.

The Haven, located in Jamaica Plain, is Boston’s only Scottish pub serving traditional food and drinks. As a lover of craft beer, I really enjoyed trying BrewDog Dogma (a honey infused ale) and Merlin’s Ale along with some traditional Scottish foods like bridies (pastries stuffed with meat and veggies), deviled eggs, and haggis (when in Rome folks, when in Rome).

During my visit, Jason (the owner) and his son Oliver graciously shared some Scottish Christmas traditions such as the Christmas Cracker (a toy containing a joke and a prize) and paper crowns. It made my visit all the more memorable.

I hope to return again soon.

*Special thanks to Jason, Oliver, @layersmarketing, @blumie, and @TheMightyRib for a wonderful evening.

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