Monday, May 2, 2011

Safari #28: Boston CyberArts Festival - Trace with Me

On Saturday April 30th, a friend and I visited Zsuzsanna V. Szegedi’s installation “Trace with Me :: An Audience Participatory Performance,” part of the larger Boston CyberArts Festival, at the SubSamson gallery in the South End. 

In this exhibit, Zsuzsanna wanted to explore the idea of tracing a piece of art and then allowing others to attempt to re-create the piece with trace paper.  To trace the work, Zsuzsanna recorded her movements and then used glowing dots to mimic the movement of her hands.  The glowing dots were projected onto trace paper, allowing participants to follow the dots and recreate the image.

In the end, we saw many different images in our drawing, and in the process of creating, we saw first hand the role interpretation plays in the viewing and understanding of art.  The fact that we used different colors and shading techniques took our piece in an entirely different direction.

Even though I’m curious to know what Zsuzsanna’s original piece was, I don’t think it matters.  We created meaning for ourselves in this process, and perhaps this is what she had in mind.

  • The Boston CyberArts festival runs through May 2, 2011.  To learn more, visit
  • Learn More about Zsusanna - Visit her website at to view her works and find information on upcoming shows.  She told us about an exhibit opening June 10th near Fenway that will present the tracing idea to a larger audience.  Stay tuned.

*Special thanks to Jen Flynn, my art partner in crime!

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  1. I'm not a fan of oysters in particular, but I thought about you recently when I went to the Wadsworth to see the Monet exhibition