Thursday, June 17, 2010

Safari Tip#2: A 'Reasonable' Excuse

You've been standing in the doorway waiting for that final nudge to get you out of the house, and there's only one thing holding you back: lack of play money. If my latest postings haven't done it, here's a nudge and a 'reasonable' excuse for you to hit the town.

Visit, a site that offers the best deals in shopping, entertainment, and dining in cities across the country. Sign up to receive daily emails for deals in and around Boston. For example, today's special offers $60 in food and drink from Lobby Bar and Kitchen (131 Broad Street) for only $30. Sounds like a pretty reasonable excuse to get out and explore the Financial District.

Grab the coupon, a girlfriend, and head to Lobby (or any other restaurant featured on LivingSocial), for after work food and drinks.

What are you waiting for? I already bought mine.

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