Thursday, August 15, 2013

Safari #82: Manicure Monday at the Liberty Hotel

The approach of Monday morning elicits nearly the same response from everyone.  

This summer, change your tune and turn your manic Monday into a manicure Monday - an evening to hang out with girlfriends and get a fresh coat of perfectly applied nail polish.  You'll be regenerated and refreshed to face the rest of the work week - in high style.

Held in the Liberty Hotel's Yard, you can nosh small bites, enjoy expertly made cocktails, and sit within the outdoor courtyard well encapsulated from the hustle and bustle.  Miniluxe, well known in the Boston area for its best in class, ultra hygenic nail services, will provide you with a free manicure.  You'll look so good when you leave that you won't even care about the fact that the week is only beginning. 

Manicure Monday's are held every Monday from 5:30 to 7pm (weather permitting) and continue through the last Monday in August.  Don't miss your chance!

My Tips
  • Sign In.  When you arrive, locate the attendant to place your names on the wait list.  While you wait, select your color and visit the bar.
  • Bring Cash.  Since the event is free, don't forget to tip your aesthetician as well as your server.
  • Hang out.  After your manicure is finished, stick around to dry off and take in the view.  Order a beverage while you're at it ;)
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