Monday, August 27, 2012

Safari #66: Red Bull Cliff Diving at the ICA

How many times have you taken a deep breath and made a wish?  If you attended the Red Bull Boston Cliff Diving World Series this past weekend at the Institute for Contemporary Art, you probably did it more than you'd care to admit.

We've all seen competitive diving before, but never quite like this.  Not many competitive divers dive from 80 feet.  In just a matter of seconds, the divers reach the water with a gut-wrenching, feet first, entry. 

This event, now in its second year, is free and viewable along Boston's Fan Pier.  And without a doubt, Red Bull knows how to draw a crowd.  This event is perfect for hungry Boston sports fans, general city dwellers, and anyone looking to say "Ahhh". With jumbo trons and dive by dive announcements, it was easy to stay engaged, excited, and absolutely thrilled.

If you would like to see more images from the event, visit the Red Bull website.

My Tips:
  • Take Public Transport.  While there is plenty of parking available in this area of Fort Point, I'd suggest taking the T.  I (wrongly) decided to drive - and spent 45 minutes trying to find parking.  I only saw 15 minutes of actual diving.  Sniff, sniff.
  • Bring Seating.  I can't begin to tell you how many spectators came to the Fan Pier.  If you're early enough, you can grab a spot along the pier or within the grassy area located between Strega and the ICA.
  • Food Truck and Vendors (Oh My!).  There are plenty of places to grab a bite and cool drink while you watch the festivities.  You could also opt to bring your treats.
  • Visit the ICA.  If you are so inclined, you can attempt to watch the diving from the ICA.  You will also get a chance to view the current exhibits.  Regular admission charges apply.
*Image kindly borrowed from Fred Durso.

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