Sunday, December 25, 2011

Safari #47: Pasties, Pointe Shoes, and Whips? Oh Yeeaaaah!

If you’re at all uncomfortable with sex, you might want to stop reading. And when I say sex, I mean stripper poles, pasties, dildos, rhythmic simulations - all of it. If you keep reading, I might offend your delicate sensibilities...
If your “proper” self decided long ago that the Slutcracker wasn’t for you, you might want to reconsider. This safari traveler recently attended an amazing, eye-popping performance.

Now in its fourth run at the Somerville Theatre, the Slutcracker combines elements of the traditional Nutcracker ballet with burlesque, fetish, and free flowing hormones. The show deals with its risque topic using humor all the while proposing the idea that sex (gasp) - however you may like it - is meant to be enjoyed (double gasp).

The show is an enjoyable exploration and a reminder that we take ourselves way too seriously. It was shocking, titillating, and completely hilarious.

Thank you to the cast for showing me such a good time.

My Tips:

  • Go with the Right People. The faint of heart will not be impressed. Choose carefully to ensure you have a great time. 
  • Buy Your Tickets Early. This show continues to grow in popularity. Figure out when you’re going, and buy tickets ASAP. 
  • Beverages. Did you know that the Somerville Theatre serves alcohol? I didn’t, and it was a nice surprise. 
*As of this posting, there is one last performance on New Year’s Eve at 7pm.

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