Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Safari #49: No Pants?

The No Pans Subway Ride is exactly that - a ride on the subway with no pants on.  Why?

Well, why not?

The Societies of Spontaneity, organizers of this yearly event, encourage fun through participatory, public events.  Participants shed their inhibitions (and their pants) all in the name of having a good time.

Dropping your pants in public may be one of the hardest things you ever do, but once you do it, you can do anything.  Seriously.

You'll also get a rare opportunity to laugh at yourself and consider what else its time to let go of.

Here's the 2014 Event Details

You Might Be Wondering...

  • It's not Illegal.  The Society offered a great pre-event guide outlining the do's and don'ts for the subway ride including how to dress without pants on. 
  • Selecting Attire.  The idea is to ride without pants, but you can be as creative as you'd like.  I wore (gasp) shorts (as did many of the other riders).
  • People's Reactions.  They were priceless!  One of the MBTA T drivers gave us an enthusiastic "Woohoo!" as we got off the train.  She was just as excited as we were.  An out of town family visiting for the day thought it was one of the funniest and unexpected parts of their trip.  I was glad to contribute.
  • Safety.  At no time did I or any of the other participants ride by ourselves.  We were always in groups of at least 8 people.
  • Want Pictures?  Visit Boston.com to see all of the images from the day.
Special thanks to @EvolvingCritic for throwing out the idea to do this and then doing it with me.  I will never forget it!

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