Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Safari #5: In Search of Sunshine

Where can city dwellers go to embrace the sun that is both nearby and T-accessible? Enter Carson Beach in South Boston, located about 1/2 mile from the JFK/UMASS stop on the Red Line. This beach boasts sand volleyball courts, a bocce court, restrooms (with a shower located outside for rinsing off) and food vendors. It's fairly bare bones as far as beaches go, but it should do if all you're really looking for is a chance to sizzle. The sand isn't fantastic, but it's acceptable and relatively stick, stone, and (thankfully) garbage free.

Some tips before you head to Carson:
-Bring soap. If you like washing your hands using soap *and* water, Carson's bathrooms will disappoint you. Thankfully, I had a small bottle in my beach bag.
-Bring a beach chair or extra towels. It's nice to lay on the sand, but considering some of the "debris", I'd suggest a beach chair if possible. If you're going to bring a towel, pack more than just one for some extra cushion.
-Sunscreen. I didn't forget mine but still managed to get a little sunburn.

What's next? The fridge for some cool aloe vera gel. Later this week, a trip to a new salon.

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